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The Founders

Baywest founders - top advisors in North America.

We realized early on in our careers that the top advisors in North America were managing and delivering wealth and risk management programs and services through a comprehensive team-based approach. This ran contrary to the traditional single-transaction-advisor approach that was popular with many of the banks and larger wealth and risk management firms.

So we came together, each bringing our own talents and experience in wealth and risk management to provide integrated and highly specialized solutions for our clients. We ensure ongoing excellence in service by adhering to our three performance principles.

Since 2001, we have grown The Bay West Group Inc. to comprise 12 active advisors, and we continue to grow our practice through hard work, excellent advice for our client's, acquisitions, mergers and referrals. We are also proud that 22 of southwestern Ontario's top senior advisors have chosen The Bay West Group Inc. as their succession plan.

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