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Individual Risk Management

Baywest Individual Risk Management Services

Life often brings unexpected risks to our client's doorsteps. Risks that our clients cannot predict:  an unexpected illness, disease, or ailment that could often create an absence from work and financial hardship. But with proper planning, we can help our clients be prepared for these life circumstances.
We assist our clients by recommending and implementing these services and programs:

  • Life, critical illness, and disability insurance - to help reduce the financial burden, increased costs and debt that is often associated with an unexpected illness or disability
  • Living benefits claim management - we assist by initiating and managing the claims of our clients disability and insurance plans
  • Mortgage insurance - this type of insurance ensures that the principle is repaid in part or in full &/or that mortgage payments continue to be made in the event of homeowner disability or death
  • Individual health insurance - we recommend and manage this type of insurance which helps clients pay for (or reimburse) medical and surgical expenses that result from illness or injury
  • Employee benefits programs - we help employers build a plan and program for their employees which may include health and dental insurance, &/or pension benefits

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