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Individual Wealth Management

Baywest Individual Wealth Management Services

More and more Canadians are recognizing the importance and value of professional wealth management when it comes to building and protecting their personal wealth. The Bay West Group Inc. implements this service with great success and outstanding client satisfaction.

The Bay West Group Inc.'s individual wealth management services include:

  • Building and managing an investment plan that matches client goals and investor profile
  • Investment planning and management - professionally directed and monitored asset management
  • Philanthropic and charitable program planning and execution - many of our clients have accumulated significant wealth and wish to donate or leave a legacy to charities that are meaningful to them. We can help build a charitable-giving plan that aligns with our Client's philanthropic values and we also review the many estate and tax benefits available to them and their families.
  • Budgeting and cash flow management - an often overlooked area of personal and business finances that allow individuals to better implement their wealth management goals. We can help design a plan that allows our clients to grow and protect their wealth while also allowing them to enjoy a balanced and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Debt management - we help clients develop a plan that allows them to pay for current or future unexpected expenses and major life changes

The Bay West Group Inc. works with strategic partners in the tax and legal fields to ensure that all financial plans take into consideration our client's investments, insurance and estate planning needs. This collaborative effort works to ensure that our clients are presented with an integrated and comprehensive plan.

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